Art for the Home

Erika's artistic passion focuses on five different areas:

period finish example
  Trompe L'oeil:
Trompe l'oeil (lit. 'deceive the eye') The technique of painting an image with a degree of realistic detail which deceives the viewer into believing the image is actually real and three-dimensional.

Trompe Gallery
period finish example
A painting worked directly on a wall.

Mural Gallery
period finish example
  Italian Plasters:
Fine plasters that are applied with a special trowel and mimic various stones including limestone and marble. These finishes are highly resistant to cracking and chipping.

Italian plasters Gallery
period finish example
  Period Finishes:
Wall and furniture finishes that have been used historically in decorative arts and often mimic materials that would be costly to install.

Period Finishes Gallery
period finish example
  Wall Treatments:
Custom wall finishes that are used as a decoration.

Wall Treatments Gallery